Creating Digital Solutions

OrganX Lab is a team of thinkers, designers, developers and strategists with the sole mission of helping individual brands, businesses and institutions integrate digital internet infrastructure to realize exponential and sustainable growth.

We are dedicated to developing digital solutions which are user friendly, effective and affordable to meet the 21st Century business technology demands.

Our Solutions

Web Design

We design and develop responsive websites for personal brands and businesses. Our website design packages come with fast and reliable web hosting to ensure your website is live all the time.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing consultancy services for businesses and personal brands. We offer reliable and effective digital marketing solutions such as social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising and search engine optimization.

Digital Branding

We develop and design branding concepts for personal brands and businesses. Our services include design of business logos, product packages, ad banners and other designs related to branding for online and offline advertisement and marketing purposes.

Design Thinking

We know how hard generating concepts for your new personal, professional or business idea can be challenging if not frustrating. At OrganX Lab, we lend you the best brains to help give life to any of your ideas while keeping you and your personal preferences in mind.

What We Do

Website Design and Development

E-commerce Websites

We build e-commerce stores for both individuals and businesses. Whether you want to sell your own products or wish to go the dropshipping model, we got you covered.

Professional Websites

We design fully functional websites to complement your pursuit of growth as a professional. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or an engineer seeking to establish your presence online, our professional web solutions will give you a positive head start.

Money Making Websites

It is a new era altogether and now the internet is one of the largest employers. We help you as an individual or personal brand design any types of money making website such as digital download websites, photography, subscription and membership websites, just to mention but a few. Whatever your concept of making money online is, we are always at your service.

Digital Publishing Websites

People are consuming more content from the internet than ever before. If you are looking to starting your journey to digital publishing, you are at the right place. Whether you want to start a personal blog, online newsletter, podcast or publish your first digital course, we are here for you.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Most of your potential fans and clients are spending a better part of their time on social media. Our social media marketing solutions provide you with proven strategies and tactics to help you realize your marketing objectives more effectively and affordably. Whether it is creating brand awareness or getting more clients and conversions, we have it all.

Search Engine Optimization

Our phones and computers have become powerful tools of product research and now people search for businesses, products or services they wish to spend their money on online before they decide . With our S.E.O solutions, we see to it that your business, either local or online, is visible on search engines to take advantage of the free organic traffic. Don't be late on this. Let us help you put your business or brand high on search engine ranking.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a revolutionary way of getting to new clients and translating them into premium customers. We help grow your business by developing content that not only attract you followers but also make them relate and identify with your brand for continual relationship.

Digital Marketing Campaign

We help brands and businesses conceive, develop, implement and evaluate digital marketing campaigns for exponential and sustainable growth. We also partner with brands and businesses to provide personalized in-hose training to marketing teams and associates for capacity building.

Digital Branding

Professional Logo

Your business or brand logo is a very powerful visual communication tool. Looking for a professional logo that describes your brand with no words? Why not involve us? We are flexible to work with your concept or generate a totally new one to design a logo that not only complements your business or brand but also defines it.

Ad Banners

Advertising is the ultimate brand mover. Whether you are selling an intangible service or a physical product, how you put it in front of your target customers is of the greatest essence. At OrganX Lab, we don't just create banners. We develop visual designs that captivate your target audience for potential conversion.

Product Packaging

In the conventional world, it is said that looks are deceiving. However, in the world of design, looks are everything. We create product packages that make your potential clients identify with and relate to your product from the very instance for a lasting relationship.

Graphic Templates

Whether it's a custom template for a banner used at a 20th business anniversary, a cover photo for a social media platform, designs for print projects such as business cards, posters or stickers, we have the creativity, skills, and tool to design whatever it is you need.

Design Thinking

Strategic Thinking

We conceptualize ideas and develop plans to help businesses and brands actualize their set objectives and goals more efficiently and reliably. Whether it is an issue with overall business performance, product efficacy, human resource productivity or customer relations, you will never go wrong with us.

Business Development

We partner with potential investors and individuals who wish to set foot into business to evaluate, develop and implement business plans that are not only productive but also profitable in the long run. If you are considering starting an online or offline business, we are the best partners to set off on your journey with.

Product Design

Whether you are thinking of rebranding an existing product to relate with the latest trends and demands, or creating a totally new one, we always got your back. Our team of thinkers and designers are ready to walk with you all through the process of concept development, to product design, development, testing and deployment.

Business Improvement

We know how adding momentum to an existing business is inevitable especially in the present world of ever changing trends and consumer demands. That is the sole reason we have developed strategies and tactics your business needs to help maximize its potential and increase output in terms of client base and revenue. Partner with us today and experience growth beyond limits.

Our Target Clients


We work with professionals and skilled individuals seeking to develop, implement and grow their brands using digital infrastructure such as;

  • >Lawyers
  • >Doctors
  • >Engineers
  • >Counselors
  • >Realtors
  • >Designers
  • >Consultants 


We work hand in hand with individual and legal entity entrepreneurs seeking to take their businesses and brands online, or seeking to scale and grow their already  established businesses using the internet. We also develop and implement concepts for online businesses for digital entrepreneurs.


We work with corporate institutions, both start ups and established ones in need of;

  • >online presence
  • >branding services
  • >effective online marketing campaigns
  • >sustainable and affordable growth
  • >design thinking services
  • >product development concepts


We work with all types of formal institutions such as schools, NGOs, CBOs, and other social organizations in need of;

  • >branding services
  • >strategic management concepts
  • >websites

Why Work With Us


We value professionalism in handling every client and developing working solutions to mitigate personalized needs of our customers.

Proven Solutions

We believe in not just provision of services but development of solutions that have been proven to solve whatever problem our clients have at hand.

Personalized Service

We know every one of our client is different. That is why we are committed to developing customized solutions to suit personal demands and preferences of every client.


Our solutions are not only effective but also pocket friendly. We always see to it that we work with your budget and still give you ultimate value for your money.

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